Feed reader pt. 2

The last time I experienced with integrating my feed reader into this website I had some troubles. It was never entirely clear what caused these problems, but I wrote it off to some sort of memory issue due to feed crawling.

I wasn’t entirely convinced, however, that this was the main culprit. So, after disabling the ActivityPub plugin, I decided to give Jan’s Feed Reader another go. This time, I’m starting small and added only 10 feeds to start off. So far, it’s working just fine.

I’ll try to add more feeds and see if that provokes the “WordPress white screen of death” again. I’m subscribed to a couple hundreds of feeds in my main reader, so it’ll take a while to potentially verify that my WP setup can handle that load. But, we’ll see.


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  1. Theoretically (i.e., if WP-Cron is working as it should), no more than 10 feeds should be polled at once (and less than that if no […]

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