An online home

The other day I decided I wanted a cloud-based feed reader. Reader is excellent, but sometimes I just want access from another computer than my private Macbook. (I know, entirely contradictive to what I mentioned the other day about local-first sofware.)

A while later I was logging in to the admin section of this website to post a note. I then realised how nice it would be to integrate my reading experience into this website. To make it the hub of both my content creation and consumption.

I searched around for some suitable existing options. All of them seemed like complete overkills. Inspired, I decided to have a go at making my own. After a few hours I had the basic functionality down. Happy, I shared what I was doing in the #indieweb chat. To nobody’s surprise, the always excellent Jan Boddez nudged me in the direction of one of his plugins that does… exactly what I wanted to do with this!

Safe to say, I will be using his solution. It is already more polished and user-friendly than I had ambitions for with my own solution. Still, there is a feature or two that I was thinking about adding that Jan hasn’t implemented yet. Perhaps I’ll see if I can do something about that and contribute to Jan’s great work.

That, or I can get back to adding the functionality required to have this website replace Goodreads as my book reading tracker. It’d be nice to get that one sorted, too, and take yet another step towards making this website the hub of all my online activity.

My online home.

Update: A couple of days later, I’ve had to disable the feed reader plugin due to technical issues that left the site unreachable. Thanks to my friend Fabian for his help in recovering this post.


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