Am I a Christian?

Interesting thing happened today. Someone came to me on IRC, and asked my if I was a Christian:

[23:17] i see you have a blog called lars-christian
[23:18] does that mean you are a christian?

So first things first. My name is Lars-Christian – It does not indicate in any way that I’m a believer of any sort. It’s just the name my parents gave me, and they also decided that spelling it with “Ch” would be better than “K“, so blame them for the confusion. It’s also one of the most popular male names in Norway, so yeah.

And to answer your next question, am I a Christian? Yes. Or no. Or maybe. Who knows? I’m at a point in my life where I can’t really say that I’ve taken a stand towards religion and beliefs – I’m still “considering” everything. I believe in God and a higher power, but I’m not sure I believe in the Christian God.

On a much more interesting note, I’ve sold one of my Website Projects, for a satisfying sum. I’m still going to work on the site though together with the new owner. I will also be moving the WebDev Blog to a domain, and actually keep it up to date with regular updates etc.

As if that wasn’t enough, I just bought another domain name for my personal blog (you are reading it right now), – I thought it would be nice to own my full name too, and not just my first names =) It will be redirecting you to once the dns for the domain propagates.


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