…as well as a el-ai.. LIAR

think I said in my last post that I’d update soon, and that’s my big lie. Well it’s of course relative, because it all comes down to how you define soon, but if you look at it that way everything’s relative, and that would mean Einstein was right. Maybe he was? What do I know…

Anyways, I have been more or less absent from the internet the past week or so, mainly because one of my friends is back home on leave from the military, and I’ve spent most of this week with him and a few other friends! We’ve been partying and stuff like that… as well as playing football matches for our awesome new team Skognes, which we are looking to recruit new decent players for, so we’ll see what that happens. Right now it’s about four hours until we leave for today’s match, and I haven’t slept tonight, so everything is more or less like it should be for me. Before that, I’m gonna go into the city to buy myself a pink sweater to wear out on the city tonight – Mainly because I think it’s cool, and a lot of people think it’s not 😛

So yeah anyways, as soon as Monday things should be going back to something which remind more about normal for me, so you can expect regular stuff and stuff by then. Until then, don’t do anything I’m planning on doing tonight 🙂


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