Four a clock in the morning…

…guess who’s awake and shining? Yeah, me, as always. I have serious troubles these days with sleeping properly, and it’s mainly because of my lousy patience. If I go to bed and try to sleep, I lose patience after a few minutes if I don’t fall asleep, and just get up to do stuff. So when I stay up too long just one night, I’m done for.

Right now it’s 10AM though, still no sleep, gonna try and pull an all – nighter and not fall asleep until this evening, but knowing myself I’ll fall asleep around noon =P Right now I’m thinking about going to the store and purchasing taco stuff, because I’m pretty hungry right now, and Taco sounds like a good breakfast.

Also like I said last post, we had a match this weekend, and guess what – We won! We’ve also decided that our team needs an official website, and since that’s kinda my thing, and stuff, I’ve been given the job to create it – So I’ll be working on that this week, as well as putting the finishing touches on TalkWebDev, AS WELL as the design project I’m working on for a client. Sounds like it’ll be busy week, thankfully 🙂


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