Go spambot, go!

Can you take a wild guess at what’s been waiting for me the past few (few meaning at least ten, of course) times I’ve returned to login to the administration part of my blog? I’ll give you a few hints: It’s stupid commments on my articles that are generated by stupid spambots just to linkspam my site, so that they hopefully can gain popularity in one way or another from it.

So can you guess what’s been bothering me? Oh, that’s right, I just said it. Anyways, it’s making me see red, red, red! I’m not really sure what they hope to achieve by spamming my site. Well I am, actually. They’re hoping to achieve higher Search Engine Ranks for their crap sites, and if they’re lucky one or two of them might even generate a direct click. Hurray!

But what I mean is, I don’t really see why my poor personal blog would be the target of such abuse, because there is seriously little to absolutely to gain from having a link on my site. Are they hoping that their own sad petty sites will be slashdotted from being shown to the 25.52 people who, on average, read my blog daily? They’d litterally have to be hosted on a rock for that to happen, and we’ve all experienced first hand what it’s like to be litterally hosted on a rock – Not a reccomendable solution to say the least.

Now you might be saying “But Lars, maybe you have good ratings in Search Engines so they hope to improve their own rankings?“. Well they might be thinking in that direction, but I’ll shoot them down. Here are some stats about my blogs weight in Search Engines, according to PageRank.net:

– PageRank is 2/10 – Get that party started, we’ve got a winner!

– The total number of Backlinks for http://www.lars-christian.com/ is 378 (Google reports 79 of them). Nothing too special there.

– My Search Engine Position for some essential keywords is, for Lars (No Rank in Google, No Rank in Yahoo!, and 34 in MSN), for Lars-Christian (1 in Google, 1 in MSN, No Rank in Yahoo!). Alright, so I have a decent rank for the query of my actual domain-name, big surprise there, no?

– And according to PR dot net my Search Engine Saturation is also 0 in all search engines but MSN, where it’s 131 (pages indexed). That’s a somewhat modified truth, but still, goes to show exactly how much you’ve got to gain from spamming this site.

So spambots, next time, read this before you’re considering linkspamming my comments system, and just don’t. If you’re so desperate for a link on my site, send me an e-mail instead, and I’ll add you to my links. I’m sure they’ve programmed some pretty hefty AI to avoid all the filters, so they should be able to read and understand this ;)


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