Two days later: Macbook impressions

My MacBook is now two days and a few hours old, and we’ve had some time to get to know eachother. First and most important things first, it became obvious to me from the first time I layed my eyes on this wonderful little thing that if any computer is female, then my MacBook definately is. So if from now on if you see me referring to “she” in my blog without any solid reference, it can be either my girlfriend or my MacBook! And that’s good to know, right?

Jokes aside, I can’t claim to be anything but happy with my new wonderbook (which is what it should be called) so far. Contrary to what was reccomendable on my older, XP powered computer, it’s amazing to be able to have more than two applications open and still be able to get a response time under a minute! Right now I am sitting here with Safari, Messenger for Mac, iTunes and Azureus open and running on my desktop, and there’s hardly any noticeable slowdown. Does it get better than this?

Next, I am loving navigating through all the open programs. Alt (Apple on the Mac) + Tab still works like a charm when you’re just frequenting between two programs, but thanks to Exposé there’s no more need to navigate down to that clunky Start-bar when you have loads of programs and windows open. F9 and voila, all the open program-windows! I’d also say that the Dock coupled with QuickSilver is completely superiour to anything I’ve ever used before. So easy and intuitive.

What I still haven’t become 100% friends with is Safari, so I might just switch back to FireFox. At least I’ll install it, and they can compete for my attention. Right clicking with the ctrl-key is still not one hundred percent in place, but I’m getting there!

Oh, and yesterday was my 21st birthday. Had a great day with my girlfriend. But oh my, I’m getting old ;_(


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