Where did all the grown ups go?

The old people are gone.

In their chairs sit the grown ups. Only they are not the grown ups anymore. At some point between before and now, they got up and became the old ones. The slightly kookie ones who cling to slightly dated ways of seeing the world but whose transgressions we forgive so easily because… they are the old ones.

The grown ups are gone.

Where are all the people with all the answers? The ones everyone turns to for advice and guidance and help. Those who carry the weight of the world on their shoulders so that the rest may play and have fun and explore and find their way, or be old.

The new kids are here.

As the old people disappeared, new kids arrived. Like forces of nature, they came with a whirlwind’s blatant disregard for anything and everything. But these kids are different because they have no grown ups to turn to. Instead they look at us.

As I sit in their grown ups chairs, because no other chairs were free, I wonder: 

Where did all the grown ups go?


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