WordPress bugs, new design(?) and boredom

Wednesday October 04th 2006, 5:24 pm 
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Not much interesting to talk about today I’m afraid. As you can see I’ve manage to reset the comments counter (thanks to the WordPress.org support forums for that). Of course since I deleted all comments, it also means that all non-spam comments have been deleted as well. It’ll suffice, as it’s the price I had to pay for cleaning up the blog.

Another bug that I’ve been stricken by on this and another WordPress site I run after I upgraded, is that it won’t let me delete anything. Apparantly I do not have permission to do that, even though I am the only registered user, and highest level administrator. That isn’t what makes it weird however. When I log in with another browser other than my default FireFox (Opera, not Internet Explorer of course) it works just fine. Maybe something for the WP developers to sink their teeth in?

On a completely different note, after actually doing something with the blog these past days I have realized that if I am to do continue updating it and such, I will need to redesign it. I just don’t like the current design. I will probably get working on that after I get my MacBook, as it would be a decent way to familiarize myself with it, and put it to test. As of now however, there is absolutely no timeframe on a new design. I’m enough stressed by deadlines as it is these days, all thanks to University.

And now I just checked to see if there was any new information on the tracking status of my MacBook, but it appears it is still in Shanhai:

02 okt 06   Departed from source   Asus Alpha, Shanghai   12 okt 06 (ETA)

I’ll keep you posted, of course!


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